After 2 years of our initial idea, we have come a long way from ideation to the first concept, research, design and develop a product that everybody falls in love with. The concept is the fact that over the past decades the job market has tried so hard to put boundaries and understand the creative mind. So much for rules and regulations exist that we feel there is a limit to our creativity. 

The mind of a creative person needs to wander off. We need to create without boundaries but make the boundaries extended. We need to strategically bring to you something that hasn't been designed, match it with your (company) idea and give it meaning that everybody else will fall in love. As a creative person, we have decided that we can create a group for those that want to explore, ideate, and with the right guidance; we can get to innovate and build.

We have come a long way to go in the advancement of our technology and the past 20 years has been just the beginning. Let's build the future that we want to see. We have a mission to create lots of new features, design, icons, websites, installations, animations, interactive art and a lot more. Just to see what is cooking you can check out our website at
This is our Beta Version and we will have make this experience better everyday as we go.

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