Nomad Eats is a food app that helps users discover new and interesting recipe in their local area. The app also allows users to browse menus, shop, and earn rewards for dining out. The goal of the Nomad Eats app is to make it easy and convenient for users to find and enjoy great food experiences, whether they are at home or traveling.

Discovery Statement

"Our goal is to create a grocery order app that makes it easy and convenient for users to shop for their groceries from the comfort of their own home. By offering a wide selection of products, flexible delivery options, and a user-friendly interface, we aim to become the go-to destination for busy individuals and families looking to save time and effort on their weekly grocery shopping."

User research:
To understand the needs and goals of our users, we conducted user interviews and surveys. We learned that people use food apps for a variety of reasons, including finding recipes, ordering groceries, discovering new types of cuisine, and saving money on meals. Users also wanted the app to be easy to use, with a clean and intuitive interface.
Design solutions:
Based on our user research, we designed the Nomad Eats app to be simple and straightforward. The main screen of the app shows a list of nearby restaurants, with photos, ratings, and brief descriptions to help users make informed decisions. Users can filter the list by cuisine, price, location, and other factors to find exactly what they are looking for.

The app also includes a map view that shows the location of all nearby restaurants, making it easy for users to find a place to eat while on the go. Users can also save their favorite restaurants and create lists of places they want to try in the future.

To make it easy for users to make groceries, we integrated the app with popular brands like Walmart, Wholefoods, Nesters, Costco, etc.  services for an easy pick up. This allows users to quickly and easily secure and order their groceries at their desired shop.

Finally, we implemented a rewards program that rewards users for shopping with Nomad Eats at participating local shops. Users can earn points for each visit and redeem them for discounts, free meals, and other perks.

Unique value proposition: the food app helps users shop for local food, which is not offered by many other food apps.

Cost-saving: the app helps users save money by allowing them to purchase food directly from local producers, bypassing traditional retail markups.

Supporting local businesses: the app promotes the support of small, local food producers, which can be a strong selling point for consumers.

Supporting Nomads: the app allows users to shop for local food from the comfort of their own home, saving time and effort.


Limited availability: the app may only be available in certain areas, limiting its potential user base.

Dependence on local producers: the app's success is heavily dependent on the participation of local food producers, which may be difficult to secure.

Limited product selection: local food producers may not offer a wide range of products, limiting the app's appeal to users.

Opportunities: Expanding to new markets: the app can expand to new areas and increase its user base by partnering with local food producers in those markets.


Competition from other food apps: the app may face competition from other food apps that offer similar services or a wider range of products.

Changes in consumer behavior: if consumers become less interested in buying local food, the app may struggle to attract and retain users.

Economic downturns: in times of economic recession, consumers may be less likely to spend money on local food, impacting the app's profitability.

To evaluate the effectiveness of the Nomad Eats app, we conducted usability testing with a small group of users. We found that the app was easy to navigate and use, and that users were able to find and make reservations at restaurants quickly and easily. We also received positive feedback on the rewards program, with users saying that it added an extra incentive to use the app and try new restaurants.


Overall, the Nomad Eats app was well-received by users, with a clean and intuitive interface, useful features, and a rewarding loyalty program. We will continue to gather user feedback and make improvements to the app in the future to ensure that it meets the needs and goals of our users.

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